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"In 1790 Mr. Robert Grimshaw" [1757-1799], "of Gorton House, Gorton, near Manchester (having contracted with the Rev. Dr. Cartwright* , the inventor of the power-loom, for the privilege of using 500 of his looms), erected, for their reception, a weaving factory at Knott Mill ‡ , with steam-power. The mill was finished, and the machinery, including 30 power-looms," "Dr Cartwright had erected a mill for power-looms at Doncaster but with so little success that it was abandoned" [i]

* Rev. Dr. Cartwright, Edmund Cartwright 1743-1823 patented power loom designs in 1785 and 1789. [ii]
‡ Knott Mill, Manchester M15 4PS near the current Deansgate (formerly Knott Mill) railway station.

[i] John Harland and T.T. Wilkinson, Ballads and Songs of Lancashire, Second Edition (London, George Routledge and Sons, 1875) P202-203
[ii] [accessed 21May2019]


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