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The Thames Tunnel, from Wapping to Rotherhithe was the first tunnel under a river anywhere in the world. tunnel was opened in 1843. It was of an horseshoe construction with a height of 7m/23ft and width of 11m/37ft. It had a total length of 406m/1,506ft. In the first four months more than a million people passed through the long awaited tunnel. [i] At least two songs were written about the tunnel [ii]. This is from the cover of one of them. 


[i] http://www.ikbrunel.org.uk/thames-tunnel
[ii] The Thames tunnel written and composed by J. A. Hoy ; arranged by F. Lancelott. British Library Shelfmark Music Collections H.1756.(46.) and The Thames Tunnel. A very popular comic song. Written by Mr. James Bruton .with an accompaniment for the piano forte by J. T. Craven. British Library Shelfmark Music Collections H.1652.v.(6.)


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