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The Illustrated London News of 21 December 1844 said of the emigrants :

"The chief portion are cottagers, most of whom have never received parish relief - families struggling with numerous difficulties to gain a precarious livelihood, and enduring severe privations and hardships in the inclement season of winter; and some few are persons who have been better off in the world, but, reduced by unforeseen events, are desirous of speculating with their little remnant of property, under a hope of retrieving their circumstances, and amongst these may be found individuals whose wounded pride cannot bear the thoughts of their old associates and friends witnessing their poverty"

The Government established the Colonial Land and Emigration Commission in 1840 to provide information and sometimes financial help to would-be emigrants.

Brown, Kevin. Passage to the World: the Emigrant Experience 1807-1940 (Barnsley, Seaforth Publishing, 2013) p5


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