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Probably an accident that occured on Sunday 29th October 1882 and reported in several newspapers. The following is an extract from a report printed in the Leeds Times of Saturday 04 November 1882

"FEARFUL ACCIDENT TO A PULLMAN CAR. A SCOTCH DOCTOR BURNT TO DEATH, One of the most appalling railway accidents that have occurred in this neighbourhood for some time happened on Sunday morning, on the Midland Railway, to a Pullman car, which took fire between Normanton ind Hunslet. Asleep in the car was Dr. J. F. Arthur, M.B..C.M.... He left St. Pancras Station by the 9-15 Pullman train, en route for Aberdeen… As it was steaming past the Hunslet south Junction box, the signalman there noticed that something was wrong. He saw flame and smoke bursting from the "Enterprise" car, and took precautions to stop the train. He sent forward the message to the next box nearer Hunsiet. " Stop and examine train." Before the engine had run that distance, the conductor of the Edinburgh car, Robert Donaldson, found that it was on fire. The flames appeared to be bursting from the roof at that end of the car where the warming-store was fixed. He took steps to warn the passengers of their danger. He ran down the car and tried to rouse the four gentlemen who had booked by the car. He next endeavoured to stop the train. He waved his hands, shouted, and tried to work the cord communicator. The train continued on its way for some distance. Before it was brought to a stand three of the passengers had hastened from the burning end of the car, the rate at which the train was travelling serving to fan the flames into greater intensity. The attention of the engine driver was attracted, and the train was brought to a stop a short distance from Hunslet station."


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