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The report in the Newcastle Journal concludes "The case altogether appears an exceedingly flagrant one. The Railway Company of course paid the fines, and still retain the men in their service, thereby giving countenance to their ferocious conduct on the occasion. We doubt whether the shields Gigsmen so notorious for their lawlessness and brutalitv, ever committed so savage an assault upon a passenger as these policemen committed on Mr. Archbold and Mr. Dobson who are both highly respectable members of society. and are known by their friends and neighbours to be as incapable of ungentlemanly conduct upon any occasion as they are indulging the low, disgusting practice of drunkeness. The Directors would do well to remember, in time to come, that they are amenable to public opinion as well as their servants to the law, and that outrages, su. as we have above recorded, will not permitted to be committed with impunity upon unoffending citizens."


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