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The cover depicts people on a busy street. A man rides a steam-powered tea kettle, and several dogs approach a cart with robotic arms holding a whip that reads "Dogs Meat, cook'd by steam." A cat sits on a woman's shoulder. "J. Doe" flies with wings attached to his arms. Two men stand by hot air balloons; one says "I say Sam dont you want another feed of Coal afore you start?" and the other says "Now Six-going Up Sir." The nearest balloon is labeled "New Patent Balloon Coach, Starts every hour to Air Shire, No. 341 W. 169 Rex." The next balloon says "The Steam [Arm], The Cork Leg," and the following one reads "Cras[h]." A rising balloon is labeled "To Gretn[a] Green." Steam engines pass over a tunnel labeled "Antipodean Tunnel" to the "Half Moon Inn." An "Eagle" airship flies people to the "Sun Tavern: NB Hot Joints Always Ready." People on the left side of the street read posters: "All Alive, North Pole, Exhibiting Here," "Halleys Comet Bottled for Exportation," and "Ante-Steam Era Remains: Real Skeleton of a Horse, the Animal which is generally supposed to be a Fabulous Creation


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