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Translators note:

Some of the problems that I have encountered are:
The author uses filler words, almost asides, for example 'erchyll ydyw' it is dreadful.
He talks of a 'great crowd' in line 2 - I've put 'so many' because it sounds better but you can change it.
He uses words in a strange way - 'gwiwlan' means holy, worthy, pure, right-living, amiable, fair or beautiful', but he writes 'yn hoff wiwlan aent i ffwrdd - they set off fondly/amiably + (g)wiwlan. Similarly there's a novel way of using the word 'gwiw' in 'wiwber' and 'wiwlon'.
He states that the young man (verse 15) was lost 'unconcealed' - I've put 'evidently'. Also, the last line of this verse translates literally as 'and after him the young girl is precisely day and night with a sad breast', so I've used a bit of 'translator's licence'.
'Cyfeillion' and 'ffrindiau' both mean 'friends' but in order to avoid repeating the word 'friends', I used another word for 'cyfeillion', 'fellows'
There's part of a word missing from the second line of verse 6; it begins with tr and ends with en. I think this word is 'truan' - 'wretched'

Eirionedd Baskerville


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