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[Note 279.0] Like many songs from the period this is a parody. In this case of a popular song called The Return of the Admiral written by the English poet Bryan Waller Procter (1787-1874) under the nom-de-plume 'Barry Cornwall'. The first verse of that poem runs...

How gallantly, how merrily, we ride along the sea !
The morning is all sunshine, the wind is blowing free ;
The billows are all sparkling, and bounding in the light,
Like creatures in whose sunny veins the blood is running bright.
All nature knows our triumph-strange birds about us sweep-
Strange things come up to look at us, the masters of the deep.
In our wake, like any servant, follows even the bold shark-
Oh, proud must be our admiral of such a bonny barque.

The poem was set to music by Henry Phillips. [British Library shelfmark Music Collections H.1660.m.(29.) ]. Another of Barry Cornwall's poems is the basis for Bar321 ~ The Rail! The Rail!


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