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[Note 205.1] "playing at tiddle de bumb":- is probably a sexual innuendo. The OED defines tiddle as "to fondle or indulge to excess; to pet". The remainder of the phrase seems to be nonsense. There are other references to sexual encounters throughput the song. "Poll and Fan swears they'll have a man"; "So lasses when you are going home pray with the men don't rustle" in the light of which the lines "But soon from there they'll retire for fear their bobbins should get fire" and "Sally Brass she's the lass to milk her master's doodle doo" are double entendres (doodle doo being a nursery or humorous name for a cock or rooster). The headblock of the broadside (below) supports this as does "I hope there is no one offended", although that sentiment is common in completely innocent songs.


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