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Origin Broadside
Source Title The Cockneys Trip To Brummagem
Bargery Number 061
Roud Indexed B62823 but not numbered
Earliest Date 1836
Evidence for Earliest Date The line "For the railroad they're going to open next spring / Will life up from London to Birmingham bring" suggests that the song was created in 1837 before the opening of the London-Birmingham Railway in 1838. However the original plan had been to open the line at the same time as the line from Liverpool to Birmingham was opened i.e. July 1837 (see Bar030 A new song on the opening of the Birmingham And Liverpool Railway); but difficulty in constructing the Kilsby Tunnel in Northamptonshire delayed the opening of the line to London. This song may have been written before the day was known about, putting its earliest date at 1836.
Latest Date 1838
Evidence for Latest Date Openeing of the London to Birmingham Railway
Comments on Song The balladeers hope that trains would be used for travel to prize fights was well founded. Excursions trains taking spectators to fights were popular.
Source of Text Roy Palmer (Touch on the times ISBN 0140811826), says that this is a shortened version of a text in the British Museum 1876 e 2
Author Anonymous
Source of Music No tune given
Music Notation No tune given
Printer or Publisher Russell
Where Printed Birmingham
Other Imprints no other imprints found
First Line You Birmingham lads, come listen awhile,
DATA for: The Cockneys Trip To Brummagem

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