Chronology:    Bargery Number | Main Themes:
1820-29   |  Railway catering
1830-39 021; 090 |  Barmaids (usually femmes fatale
1840-49   |  The discomforts of railway platforms
1850-59  338; |  
1860-69  326; |  
1870-79   |  
1880-89  193;   |  
1890-99  576;   |  
1900-09  342;   |  
1910-19    |  
Uncertain   |  


Historical Background:

Railway Stations quickly became commercial centres. Hotels, shops, and restaurants were established to take advantage of the throngs of people passing through. 

Railway food was the subject of complaints and the butt of jokes from the earliest times (see bar326 Railway Belle and bar342 Railway Station Sandwich) and the discomforts of the platforms are the subject of bar576 The Modern Railway Platform.


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Battle Fought On The Shields Railway,

bar021: Dates 1839~1839|

 A disagreement between passengers and Railway Police comes to blows and ends in court.

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Down By the Dark Arches

bar090: Dates 1836~U|

Sexual encounter with a female ballad singer under the railway arches. Ends with a pimp figure beating and robbing the hero.

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Jessie At The Railway Bar

bar193: Dates ----~1884|

The hero falls in love with a railway station barmaid but she jilts him in favour of a newspaper seller.

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Modern Railway Platform

bar576: Dates ----~1898|

The influenza virus and the typhoid germ ask an undertaker to decide which kills more people. The undertaker replies that the draughty railway platform kills more than...

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The Railway Platform

bar338: Dates ----~1851|

Description of bustle and rush of platform and hurried stop for refreshment.

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Railway Station Sandwich, The

bar342: Dates 1901~1902|

Comic song about inedibility of the railway station sandwich.

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Waiting for the Train

bar464: Dates ----~1902|

Awaiting analysis

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